Enter the Philips Portal
Does searching for the applications and information you need to do your job consume your valuable time? And is this time further expended remembering the individual passwords when you eventually find the applications? Wouldn’t life be easier if you could arrange things on your computer to suit your needs and preferences, just like your trusty work desk at home? Well, help is here!

The personal touch
The Philips Portal is now available to all online employees throughout the company. Available over the intranet and internet. It’s designed to enable everyone to personalize their homepage according to their needs. It lets you bring the personal touch to your work environment, and feel more comfortable while you carry out your tasks. But this shouldn’t just make your work more enjoyable, it should also make it easier and more efficient. The internet version will have limited applications due to security reasons.

My Dashboard
The Portal homepage, or rather your Portal homepage, is called My Dashboard. It provides all the features that you need, in line with your personal choice. More functions are available on the other pages within the Portal: the My HR page contains the information related to career, pay and other Benefits, the My News page allows you to manage your own RSS news feeds; and the Me@Philips page with applications and information related to you as a Philips employee.
There are two separate links to access Philips Portal, one for Philips Employee (Code1) and another for all employees including external (code2) employees. They are mentioned below

1. Philips employees on Intranet Visit: https://pww-portal.philips.com
This site is only accessible to people who have an CODE1 account and who are working from the Philips network.
It can be accessed only within the Philips network (PGN) or ARCOT (VPN) connection.
The Application launcher provides a launch pad for your applications. The application launcher can be add/remove with the help for edit button.
Access to Collaboration and it’s a overview of (SharePoint) sites you have access to.
In People Finder you can find any Philips employee you are looking for in a quick and easy manner.
The My Quick Links component allows you to store your favorite links in an easy way.

2. Philips employees or partners on Intranet Visit: https://www-portal.philips.com
This site is accessible to people who have CODE1 and CODE2 account and who are working from the Internet.
It has access to only Limited applications.
Application Edit button will not be available.
Collaboration (SharePoint) sites will not be available.
People finder output result will not give results with detailed profile information about the employee.
My Preference settings will not be available for editing/updating the user Portal profile.
My Quick links section is disabled.
Philips Intranet search option will not be available.
The My HR (only Philips Payroll employee's) page shows the information related to career, pay and other Benefits.

How to log on?

Q: How can I logon to the Philips Portal?

A: The Philips Portal intranet can be accessed via the link https://pww-portal.philips.com and Philips Portal internet via https://www-portal.philips.com

1. For users with a Philips CODE1 Desktop, we have enabled Single Sign On from the Desk
2. For Users without a Philips Desktop or with a Shared PC (Only browser access), you are requested to do the following

The Philips Portal Intranet URL: https://pww-portal.philips.com/login

The Philips Portal Internet URL: https://www-portal.philips.com/login

Login using your CODE1 User ID and password (for users who do not have a code1 username, please contact Local IT for this account and password).

Q: How can I logon if I’m an external (code2) user to the Philips Portal?

A: One should have valid Philips Code2 external account and the password to access the Philips Portal using the below URL

URL https://www-portal.philips.com/login

Q: What do I do in case of problems?

A: If you are having problems logging on with your account please contact your local helpdesk @ OneITServiceDesk@philips.com They are the owners of your account and can provided the required support.

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